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Published On July 14, 2006 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Comics, Reviews

We’ve just added some very unusual comic art/illustration books onto the webstore, featuring the work of German artist Anke Feuchtenberger, an artist my colleague Kenny is a great admirer of (Europe is producing not only some amazing comics artists, it also treats their work as art and culture in a way British and American readers can only envy). Here’s Kenny to introduce Anke’s work:


It’s a shame all those fans have trudged home from Germany now as here is something worth going to see if you are a comics and illustration fan. Anke Feuchtenberger is one of Germany’s best know cartoonists/illustrators and she will be covered in the upcoming issue 8 of Comic Art being released in early September (watch for an interview with editor and creator of the mag Todd Hignite in the coming weeks).

Her books until now are mostly in German, although really many of them are almost wordless (Somnabule is wordless, making it a perfect international visual book). She has a singular and often disturbing vision which will appeal to fans of beautifully drawn alternative (art) comics.

museum poster.jpg

If you are having trouble with the German at this link it reads (thanks to our buyer Isobel for the translation): “Illustrations by AF and BF exhibited at the Kunstverein Ruesselsheim. 14th July to 6th August 2006.”

With characters like “Hure H” (Anke Feuchtenberger) or Bengt Fosshag’s “Herbas Monsten”- Germany’s most dangerous plants – both artists have already made names for themselves. Their drawings have featured in, amongst others, Die Zeit and F.A.Z (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and have proven both artists to be high-calibre, quality illustrators.


The Kunstverein Ruesselsheim is showing, for the first time, a selection of works which invites the visitor to compare and, through doing so, get an insiders view into the wide variety of individual expressions and styles that can be covered by the term “Illustration”.

The former construction hall ‘A1’ of the Opel factory, with its industrial ambience, will be housing Anke Feuchtenberger’s narrative picture cycles – sensitive stories in which text and image help each other come alive. Only a few steps further into Russelsheim city centre you will be entering Bengt Fosshag’s world; the city hall’s oval exhibiting a selection of the famous artists broad-ranging and powerful creations, which range from commercial graphic design projects to personal illustrations.


Hopefully the visitor to both exhibits will experience an exciting synthesis of two very different graphic temperaments and possibly leave with an understanding that illustration is more than just “drawing pictures”. You can see a portfolio of her work here, or you can visit Anke’s own website. You can check out her books in our new Foreign Language section, including Das Haus (a very unusual format, quite striking), Der Palast, Die Biographie Der Frau Trockenthal and Somnabule (with its fanatically dream-like yet disturbing cover). To entice the curious art and comics fan further we are offering free delivery on Anke’s books.


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