Batman lays down the law

Published On June 27, 2006 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, News

There is an interesting article from a local American paper, the Daily Record, which I picked up via Blog@Newsarama. The mainstream press seem to have woken up lately to the fact that comics can address ‘real’ world problems and issues (witness the press inches on Marvel’s Civil War or the lesbian Batwoman character for DC’s 52). Of course, we all know that this isn’t something new, even if the mainstream media don’t. The Record article has a nice slant on comics-real world interaction in the shape of a Batman tale by John Ostrander, Seduction of a Gun, which was used by a politician in Virginia to effect some gun control legislation.

Naturally readers know never to underestimate the power of the written word (or comic panel) already, but it is still rather satisfying to see something like this. I am also tickled at the thought of legislation being passed inspired by a fictional vigilante.

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