Avast, ye lubbers!

Published On July 18, 2006 | By Joe Gordon | General, News, Podcast

You may have noticed issue 198 of the highly respected Comics International hoving into view over the horizon. Fix your spyglass to your eye – no, not the one with the patch over it, the other one – and direct your gaze across that shimmering comics sea to the pirate galleon, also known as the Good Ship FPI. Yes, my colleagues Paul, Lee (aka Crowbar for reasons unlikely to become clear at the moment) and I are in our most piratical mode in this damned fine advert for our blog and podcast in the current CI, illustrated by none other than the great Brit artist Hunt Emerson!

PirateAdfor blog.jpg
I’ve always wanted to be a cartoon character, little did I suspect as I sneaked looks at Firkin the Cat many moons ago that one day I’d be in a Hunt Emerson cartoon. Isn’t it cool? Although I have no idea why there are so many empty bottles over the side since we are such sober and clean-living individuals… As a special treat, here’s a glimpse of the cartoon as it took shape, from a rough to black and white before the final version above:




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  1. Ariel says:

    Joe mate, you’ve Arrived!

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