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Published On May 18, 2005 | By Joe Gordon | General

When asked what they did at work the other day some of our staff could honestly reply they were constructing a Tardis. No, it’s not that we so love all things SF that we spend our time in-between lovingly arranging our comics, books and goodies contructing time and space machines – although if we could get our hands on a decent Artron energy source… – it was a rather nifty Tardis display from the BBC for the first wave of novels to accompany the brand-new Doctor Who. You should have little difficulty in finding them when you come in to our branches – just look for the Police Box.

In other Who news the BBC announced they had actually toned down next weekend’s episode, set during the Blitz in World War II, because it was ‘too horrific’. Apparently it is a nice and scary episode and I’m sure furniture sales folk around the UK are eagerly hoping it will terrify the younger members of the audience so they can make some sales of sofas to hide behind. The first wave of new Who DVDs should be arriving in stores as well, although the BBC has said the Dalek episode will be rated ’12’ because the Dalek torture scene is unsuitable for younger viewers (despite being screened on national television at 7PM!).

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