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Published On March 4, 2005 | By Joe Gordon | Books

Locus magazine’s online edition (print edition available from your friendly, local, neighbourhood FPI store) has an interesting article by Russell Letson on British author Charles Stross. If you’ve not come across Charlie’s work have a look at this as a primer.

Charlie’s UK debut novel, Singularity Sky is out now in paperback and the sequel, Iron Sunrise, has just come into our stores from Orbit. I had the pleasure of reading Singularity Sky in a manuscript form a good while before the UK or US editions saw print and can tell you it is very good stuff – inventive and unusual; you have to respect a book which begins with a rain of telephones on a backwards planet!

Yes, you are likely to hear me extolling the literary virtues of Mr Stross from time to time as he is one of the better things to happen to Brit SF recently. Do yourself a favour – have a look at the Locus article then come in and have a browse on our bookshelves this weekend.

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