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Published On March 4, 2005 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Reviews

Ladies, gentlemen and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri, my esteemed colleague from Forbidden Planet in Edinburgh, Steve, presents you with his favourite comic picks for the week for your delictation, delight and pocket money. Joe

Well, anyone unfortunate enough to have had the weather we’ve endured over the past few days if it was anything like Scotland, may have thought that the Age Of Apocalypse was indeed upon us. Fortunately, souls in warmer climes (and here) will be more than satisfied with this week’s two new X-Men offerings. Celebrating a whole ten years of our mutant friends surviving, arguably their greatest hour since Jean Grey’s demise!

Marvel does the honours by releasing a one-off telling of tales set in the Age Of Apocalypse Universe, with inclusions by many of the originators. Weapon X goes toe to toe with future betrothed Mariko, and a certain furry-maned nemesis of Logan’s introduction to a Miss Wild Child are only a couple of the pleasant surprises contained within these 48 pages. I won’t spoil the real surprises, but the Brian Hitch cover should be more than an incentive to give this one a bash, ‘X-Title’ regular or not.

The second Age Of Apocalypse title is the same titled six-issue series. After the holocaust and devastation of recent events has been thwarted, Mr Sinister unleashes his deadliest attack ever. The only hope of salvation lies within Professor X and Magneto finding and locating Weapon X. Another promising mini-series from Marvel, and the cover and inside pencils by Chris Bacchalo (Death, Steampunk) are only going to help this title get stronger.

The second issue of Papa Midnite (Vertigo) delves deeper into the world of Midnite, a Sorcerer come nightclub owner by way of being a Voodoo Priest. New to the Vertigo comics world as a lead character, although he has appeared before in Hellblazer, the character plays an important part in the upcoming Constantine movie.

Much like his contemporary John Constantine, Midnite also has skeletons in his closet concerning his younger days, his (mis)use of magic and the eventual tragic consequences that will haunt him for the rest of his life. A welcome introduction into the Vertigo Universe, this part historically based tale, will hopefully lead on to more character expansions into Constantine’s world. See our earlier post about our Hellblazer offers.

A big delight of the week was Rebellion’s reprinting of Alan Moore’s Skizz. In the heady, glorious days of 2000AD being the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, Skizz was the one strip aside from Halo Jones (another Alan Moore Classic), that genuinely reeked of sentiment and human kindness. The V.C’s this wasn’t (oh, I liked the V.C.s – Joe)! Moore’s tale of an alien ambassador stranded on an alien planet (specifically, Birmingham, UK) is full of pathos, tragedy and is an underrated (or perhaps, unknown, forgotten?) Alan Moore Classic; ET for those of us with a conscience…

Unfortunately, the Ministry Of Space TPB didn’t ship this week, but all going well Warren Ellis’s sold-out (and oft late, but worth the wait!) as a comic tale of the British Colonisation of Space should hopefully dock with our moonbase next week.
Over & Out Digby,Edinburgh Steve 🙂

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