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Published On March 7, 2005 | By Joe Gordon | General

Just to show he is as excited by cool action figure collectables as he is a good X-Men title, my colleague Steve offers this rum and cutlass choice for you:

Neca have done it again, with their popular REEL Toys series of Action Figures. The latest offerings are the Pirates of the Caribbean Series 1 range of figures.

If nautical nonsense be something that ye wish, then these figures are the perfect accompaniment to shake your pirate booty to! The series consists of our beloved buccaneer Capt Jack Sparrow, resplendent in his finery, tricorn hat and cutlasses (and, of course bottle of rum to yo-ho-ho with). Jack comes in two versions for all the variant collectors out there, a smiling (drunk on rum?) gold-toothed version, and a rather more stern faced piece.
The other three characters in the series are the villainous Captain Barbossa, a rather fine Ghost Pirate, complete with eye patch, and Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner.

All figures are finely sculpted, have an all new level of articulation and of course come with the amazing level of detail that we’ve come to expect from NECA recently. With two sequels being shot back to back, even as I type, the first wave of these figures are sure to be hot with collectors, and fans alike. Added to that, the fact that two of Hollywood’s current heart throbs are part of the set, and NECA can’t fail to lose with this series.

A much welcome series, which are sure to be very popular, these scurvy dogs can be found in FPI stores now! A big yarr!!! from Edinburgh Steve

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