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Published On March 4, 2005 | By Joe Gordon | Books

Just found out via the news blog of the Alien Online that one of my favourite authors, Peter F Hamilton, has now handed in the finished manuscript to Judas Unchained, the sequel to the very fine Pandora’s Star (which is due in paperback this month). Running a little late, but since Peter has had a wee addition to the family in the last few months he can be excused for being distracted!

I tell myself I’m not going to pick up anymore enormous SF tomes, but then someone waves a Peter Hamilton book under my twitching nose and there I go again. Peter Hamilton and Neal Stephenson are destroying my wrists, but if that’s the cross to endure for such a good read I’ll bear it (but reserve the right to moan about it occassionally). Judas Unchained is due from Macmillan in October and Peter is one of the growing number of guests for this summer’s Worldcon in Glasgow. Expect to hear me raving about it come publication.

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