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Published On May 12, 2005 | By Joe Gordon | Awards, Books

China Miéville has won this year’s prestigious Arthur C Clarke award in a ceremony in London on May 11th. The Iron Council sees a return to Miéville’s astonishingly well-realised New Crobuzon beat. Never one to shy away from adult topics – he’s happily sunk his teeth into social equality issues, homophobia, poverty and even inter-species love – Iron Council sees China taking politics head-on, but with his remarkable, rich and evocative prose twisting it as he twisted the fantasy genre into something vibrant and fresh.

I was blown away with his first New Crobuzon tale, Perdido Street Station; it really gave the genre a serious kick up it’s chain-mailed bottom. It was different, it was exciting, it was unpredictable and China’s writing is so deeply descriptive you can feel the city streets; see them and smell them (although I suspect you may not want to in some parts of the place!).

China was up against some stunningly good competition, including BSFA-winning Ian McDonald, last year’s winner Neal Stephenson and one of my favourites, Richard Morgan. We are still offering 25% on all of these frankly brilliant entries in our catalogue and webstore, so why not pick yourself up the winner and take advantage of the discount to select some of the other exceedingly fine nominees? We’ve been delighted to offer our support to the Arthur C Clarke awards in our stores, catalogue and online and on behalf of FPI I’d like to offer our congratulations to China Miéville on his success.

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