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Published On March 3, 2005 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Comics

Steve in the Edinburgh FP shop brought a rather nifty-looking adaptation of the great Robert Silverberg’s The Seventh Shrine (issue one) which has just arrived in-store. Set after the events in the novel Valentine Pontifex this is a part of the Majipoor fantasy series. Valentine travels to an excavation of the ancient metamorph’s city of Velalisier to investigate a murder.

Image Comics are publishing this as an illustrated series rather than an actual comic book and it is a lovely-looking title, with superb, full-colour illustrations – ranging from full-page to inserts between the text – from Anders Fine complimenting the tale and giving it a warm, almost fairy-tale (but for grown ups) feel to it. Silverberg has crossed between fantasy, cutting edge SF and non fiction for decades and this is a wonderfully unusual offering for admirers of one of our greatest writers.

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