“I am Iron Man”

Published On March 3, 2005 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

No, not the old song, but the armoured superhero. My colleague Kevin pointed out the shiny, new Ultimate Iron Man #1 just in from Marvel and written by no less than Orson Scott Card, author of the classic SF series Prentice Alvin and Ender Saga (among others), with pencils by Andy Kubert.

Marvel seem to be attracting non-comic book writers into the fold these days: J M Straczynzki is set to follow up his well-received Spider-Man run with a gig on the Fantastic Four (starting this June, issue #527) while Philip K Dick Award-winning and Arthur C Clarke shortlisted author Richard Morgan has been writing a Black Widow mini series, as well as his forthcoming novel Woken Furies (expect more on that later – it is very, very good!).

Howard Stark is facing a company take-over by his arch-rival, litigation from his former wife and there’s trouble ahead for his new wife. If, like me, you’ve been neglecting this older superhero this looks like a very good point to jump back in – and there’s even a choice of two different covers (both shiny – I like shiny!).

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